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Paul Fraser Collectibles welcomes The Black Empress

Here at Paul Fraser Collectibles we are proud to announce that we are offering one of the world’s greatest philatelic rarities.

Issued in 1851, the Canadian 12d. Black soon proved to be unpopular and out of the 51,000 produced, around 49,550 were withdrawn and destroyed. It is estimated that around 130 examples exist today and only 5 unused pairs.


The Black Empress

So why are we so excited about this one? Well this pristine example is the only unhinged 1851 12d. Black in the world. Known as The Black Empress, this is unquestionably the finest example of the stamp in existence. The fact that it has survived in such pristine condition for 160 years is nothing short of miraculous.

Visit our store for more details on the unique Black Empress postage stamp.

By Kylie


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  1. vincent t. cordaro

    i have stamps from j.g.ramsay son of major willam ramsay 1850,s + also letters of intrest about the notorius duponts + chandlers


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