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Collecting Meissen porcelain – a new found appreciation

Now, contrary to popular opinion, working at Paul Fraser Collectibles isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes we have to write about collectibles that we just don’t appreciate in the interests of providing you with the latest news, regardless of subject matter.

My personal dislike is Meissen porcelain. It’s colourful, ostentatious designs do not appeal to me in the least – I can’t really pinpoint the reason for this, but it is certainly not to my taste.


That is, until I took a well-earned break to visit Berlin. While in the German capital, I took the chance to take a trip to Charlottenburg – a 17th  century summer palace built for the wife of Frederick III, the city’s great founder.

Gazing round the palace’s lavish Baroque-style rooms was all rather pleasant, so imagine my horror when I turned a corner to find a monumental display of Meissen porcelain, plastered from wall to wall.

However, I forced myself to enter (mainly due to the exit being on the other side of the room) and it was within this grandiose setting that I learned to appreciate the skill and level of detail that adorns each piece, and saw how the ceramics could find their place in a collection.


This revelation has certainly made my life a lot easier. The Marouf Collection of 18th Century Meissen porcelain, the world’s most important amassment, has sold over at Bonhams and I was only too happy to share my new found appreciation…


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