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Recognise her? – Marilyn Minter renders a well-known celeb unrecognisable

Pamela Anderson, Unarmed, Marilyn Minter, Photograph

Scrolling through the catalogue of Christie’s First Open: New Media auction, I easily let this photograph pass me by.

To the unsuspecting eye, the photo – albeit striking – looks like just another portrait, created using an anonymous model. But look further and you might identify its subject:

She was one of the 1990s greatest sex symbols…

Aside from her modelling career and acting, she became famous for a string of bad relationships with rock stars…

Although believed by many to be American, she was actually born in British Columbia, Canada…

And the biggest clue of all….her acting career involved roles in Home Improvement and Baywatch.

Pamela Anderson as C.J. Parker.

Pamela Anderson as C.J. Parker.

Of course, it’s Pamela Anderson!

In Marilyn Minter‘s Unarmed, a 2007 shot, she is rendered almost unrecognisable, the layers of make-up removed to reveal a girl-next-door face dotted with freckles.

The print is available at Christie’s for $10,000-15,000, though if you prefer Pammy in her more recognisable form, you can buy this (rather naughty) signed photograph of the star for a fraction of the price.



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