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How to spot Lord Lucan

Is Lord Lucan still alive?

And if so, where is he?

This blog post won’t help solve either of those two questions, I’m afraid. But it will give you a better chance of spotting the errant Lord should you ever run into him.

Lord Lucan is widely believed to have bludgeoned to death his family’s nanny in London on November 7, 1974, after mistaking her for his wife.

His car was found in Newhaven on the south coast the following day, but since that time his whereabouts are unknown.

Many think he committed suicide out in the English Channel, others believe he escaped abroad, with some evidence suggesting that Lucan was in hiding in Africa for several years.

Lord Lucan

Lord Lucan with wife Veronica Duncan

Sightings have ranged from a restaurant in San Francisco to a bar in Botswana.

The High Court pronounced him dead in 1999.

Now medical notes from a Harley Street doctor, which reveal that Lucan suffered a badly broken nose in 1963, are coming to auction on September 26, reports the UK’s Express newspaper.

“This medical card is a small clue that could be used to easily identify the absconded Lord Lucan, if he was ever found,” Deborah Doyle, from auction house Duke’s of Dorchester, told the publication.

The notes state: “Struck nose on steering wheel of boat columnella profuse bleeding at time.”

The notes have a £150 (approx. $250) estimate, a fair valuation considering a Lucan-signed letter sold for £430 ($700) earlier this year.

So if on your travels you spot a man in his late 70s, with an aristocratic bearing and signs of a once-broken nose, ask him for an autograph.

We’d be delighted to add it to our autographs for sale.



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