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High Flying Collectibles: Happy Birthday Amelia

Today is the birthday of pioneering female aviator Amelia Earhart (1897-1937), one of my personal heroes.


In 1928, Amelia became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean, following in the footsteps of Charles Lindbergh who had completed the flight a year previously. She went on to set numerous aviation records.

As her celebrity status rose, she used her fame to advance female empowerment, independence and equality. She strove to topple negative stereotypes about women, demonstrating that they are just as capable as men, encouraged women to put education and careers first, and established the first female coalition of aviators, the Ninety-Nines. She is an enduring icon of the 20th century.

Earhart, always pushing herself to greater feats, decided to become the first woman to fly solo around the world, following the equator, and set off in 1937. Tragically, her plane disappeared over the Pacific Ocean, and neither it nor she was ever seen again. Numerous conspiracy theories have emerged from this mysterious disappearance, and none have yet been proved or disproved.

Among aviation memorabilia collectors, Amelia Earhart items are particularly sought after, due to her pioneering status, her achievements within a field dominated by men, and the fascination with her disappearance. Her signature, and other items of memorabilia, are rarer than those connected with her male contemporary Charles Lindbergh due to her early death. Amelia’s flight goggles, worn during her 1932 transatlantic flight, sold for $141,600 at Profiles in History in 2009.

People continue to be inspired by Amelia. British media personality and Mensa member Carol Vorderman plans to fly solo around the world, re-tracing the ill-fated journey that resulted in Amelia’s disappearance.

Memorabilia related to iconic individuals like Amelia will always retain its value. If you have any such items you’d like to sell, drop us an email:

By Louise


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