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‘Spilt milk’ – Andrew Vickers’ Paperboy and the rare comics blunder

A story is currently circulating among the collecting community, leaving a trail of horrified comic book fans in its wake.

As in the comic book world, where the force of good is met with a balance of evil, tales of unexpected discoveries of classic comic books in the walls of houses just had to be met with an opposing story of tragic loss sooner or later.

This is the news that  artist Andrew Vickers, having discovered a large number of discarded comic books in a skip, proceeded to transform them into a large papier mache sculpture of a superhero.


Comic book expert Steve Eyre’s heart almost stopped when he glimpsed an original Avengers #1, a comic worth at least £10,000, forming part of the statue, now drenched in glue and making up part of a leg.


The artist’s comments that he finds the whole situation hilarious, having created a £500 dollar sculpture out of perhaps £50,000 worth of comic books, may leave comic book aficionados seething.

Mr Vickers’ response is simply: ‘there is no point crying over spilt milk’. That’s a lot of spilt milk to keep a stiff upper lip over.

Superhero style, there’s still time for you to rescue an item or two from our collectibles store before an imprudent artist gets their hands on them!

By Louise


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