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Mikki the Chimp’s photographs – why should we give a monkey?

It seems that only the weirdest or the most valuable auction lots ever reach the international press.

But this lot – set to star at Sotheby’s in June – ticks both boxes.

The leading auction house is set to sell a collection of photographs taken by former Moscow circus performer Mikki the Chimp, which are valued at a whopping £50,000-70,000.Moscow, Sothebys, Auction

Now – if you are anything like me – you may be thinking, why should I give a monkey?

Well for a start, the shots weren’t taken on Mikki’s initiative, instead at the behest of Soviet art duo Komar and Melamid.

The pair have worked together for years, passing off the work of animals as their own. They began with a drawing by a dog, before working their way up the ladder.

They even set up the famous elephant sanctuary in Thailand, where tourists can still buy artworks from painting pachyderms to pay for their upkeep.Moscow, Sothebys, Auction

But the images also provide a somewhat poignant commentary on Soviet Russia itself, with the Mikki representing the thousands of tourists that flock to Moscow every day.

His blurred photographs can be considered symbolic of the skewed vision of Russia they would have received under the Soviet regime, the entire concept commenting on the circus that prevailed under the flag of communism.

Just some food for thought before you dismiss these as simple simian snapshots…Mikki, Chimp, Photographs, Russia, Moscow, Sothebys, Auction




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