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Poll results: Your favourite British TV antiques expert

The competition among the weekday antiques programmes here in the UK is fierce.

So fierce, in fact, that when we asked, “Who is your favourite British TV antiques expert?”, there was a three-way tie for the lead.

Dickinson - no votes

Dickinson – no votes

Here are the top four:

The much missed David Barby – 30%

Eric Knowles (Antiques Roadshow)  – 30%

Tim Wonnacott (Bargain Hunt) – 30%

David Battie (Antiques Roadshow ) – 10%

And then there is poor David Dickinson – the bronzed Adonis of daytime TV. Perhaps his time in the sun has been and gone – polling precisely 0% of the vote.



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  1. Two of my most hated Antiques “Experts” Dickinson and Wonnacott. Also met Knowles who is a pompous twit. Paul Hayes was ok.


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