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Brave New Worlds of Undiscovered Collectibles

There is an auction coming up early this April that I am thrilled to share with you.

Potter & Potter Auctions, specialist dealers in Magicana, are holding an extensive sale of the personal possessions of Cardini, The Suave Deceiver, on April 6.


Cardini was, as described by the auction house, ‘the most imitated – and likely the most influential – magician of the 20th century’.

And being a West Country girl myself, how exciting that Cardini was in fact a Welshman, originating just a hop, skip and jump from where I grew up.

From Cardini’s props and costumes, to playbills and posters for his shows, scrapbooks, photographs, awards, correspondence and other personal items, Potter & Potter’s auction will provide a keen insight into the life and mind of one of history’s great conjurers.

Such targeted and specialised auctions always give me a thrill. There exists a whole community of magicana collectors, mysterious and secretive as the magicians that they revere, that now emerge into the limelight because of this event.

This serves to highlight that there are numerous pockets of collectors who focus on more esoteric areas of collecting, just waiting for such a specified and fascinating auction to come along. Whole unknown worlds of collecting exist ready for others to discover, and present a profusion of potential markets for the braver investors to explore.

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By Louise


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