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Largest flawless diamond in need of a name

This week saw the exciting news of a stunning new Super Diamond coming to auction.


Weighing in at a whopping 101.73 carats, the pear-shaped diamond is top-rated ‘D’ for colour, top-rated ‘Type IIA’ for clarity, and graded ‘Flawless’. It is the largest flawless diamond ever seen at auction, and expected to set a new world record for a colourless diamond – a definite entry into the ranks of the world’s greatest diamonds.

But the world’s great diamonds all have names. The Hope Diamond, The Archduke Joseph Diamond, The Beau Sancy, The Cullinan, The Excelsior, The Orloff, The Great Mogul, The Taylor-Burton Diamond, The Star of Africa, The Hortensia, and so forth.

This flawless pear-shaped wonder is in need of a name before it can join this illustrious list.

Christie’s Geneva have announced that the winning bidder at the May 15 auction will gain the additional privilege of endowing the diamond with a name of their choosing. A name that the gem will carry with it forever into the annals of history. This is an opportunity to establish one heck of a legacy.

So here at Paul Fraser, we are interested to know what YOU would name this dazzling diamond if you were its lucky new owner. Please comment below.


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  1. I think I would name it after the man who dug it up, I bet he doesn’t get much recognition.

  2. The Botswana Beauty


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