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Che Guevara vs Fidel Castro – the PFC Auctions showdown

There are just four hours left to bid over at PFC Auctions.

We’ve all given you our favourite lots in the sale, with plenty of choice on what to spend your hard earned money on. But, as we enter the final moments of the sale, an interesting rivalry has arisen…

Former comrades Che Guevara and Fidel Castro are going head to head in a race to see the biggest bids.

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The iconic Che Guevara has long been a popular figure for collectors. In fact, I’m almost certain that, at some point, you have owned something with his silhouetted face on…

Fidel Castro on the other hand, has lost what little support he had over the years. Yet, as his grip on Cuba weakens, the market for his memorabilia has strengthened.

The PFC40 Autograph Index serves as a testament to this, with Fidel’s standing as the world’s most valuable living signature in 2012 (next to Nelson Mandela, that is).

In the auction, Castro’s signature on a poster of recognition is selling for £531 ($803), while an autographed letter from Guevara has raised £500 ($756) – the ailing leader looks to be winning.

Yet Guevara’s enduring popularity has seen him throw off all competition, with a £1,265 ($1,913) bid seen by a Cuban $6m bond signed by the man himself.

I’m sure when Castro is no longer with us, the tables will turn. Take advantage of these prices while you still can.



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  1. How much would a painting of Don Quixote signed by Che Guevara be worth? After all, in his last letter to his parents he made two references relating to Don Quixote (his weary horse and his sword).


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