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EH Shepard Punch magazine illustration – Cat’s favourite item at PFC Auctions

It was really difficult to choose but my favourite lot would have to be E H Shepard’s signed Punch cartoon.

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Shepard reportedly resented “that silly old bear”

Although widely celebrated for having illustrated A A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh, Shepard in fact regretted accepting the commission, believing that it overshadowed his work as a satirical and political artist.

The drawing in question was created in relation to the coal disputes of the 1930s and features Mr Punch’s dog holding an empty coal scuttle. With politically charged cartoons currently hitting the headlines; Shepard’s Punch cartoon appears rather mild by comparison.

The rare ink drawing boasts excellent provenance, having come from the Shepard family collection.

Second place? Probably Andy Warhol’s black polo neck jumper.



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