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Burma Spitfire Hunt – high-flying collectibles may finally surface

The news that aviation enthusiast David Cundall may have finally struck gold after his 17 year search for the Spitfire airplanes reputedly buried in Burma may herald the end of the treasure hunt of the century.

The story is a wonderful example of how one man’s enthusiasm and passion over a length of time, to the detriment of the critics who hailed his quest as a wild goose chase, finally proved fruitful.

What better metaphor for investing in collectibles? Armed with rumours and prayers, Cundall poured time, money and effort into a venture that he firmly believed, against all odds, would prove worthwhile. And eventually, it paid off.

Uncovering something long buried, lovingly preserved, that then has the potential to enrich a nation’s heritage and bring joy to other enthusiasts, well that is something special indeed.

So listen to the rumours of investment potential drifting on the wind, but also, follow your own hunches. Who knows where they could take you.

See the full story of Cundall’s fantastic discovery here.

For all you other aviation enthusiasts out there, don’t stop believing. Until you dig up your own Spitfires, why not invest in this Dam Busters Guy Gibson and crew signed photograph, or this Charles Lindbergh autographed commemorative menu.

By Louise


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