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Lots of excitement as auction gears up to go live

PFC’s auction goes live at midday today, and the office is buzzing with excitement. Here are three items that I find particularly unusual and intriguing, and cannot wait to see what happens with!

First up, two  antique four poster beds once owned by Douglas Fairbanks Sr, The King of Hollywood, and silent movie actress Mary Pickford, America’s Sweetheart. The beds were housed in guest rooms at the couple’s 56 acre Beverly Hills estate ‘Pickfair’, and undoubtedly hosted the sleeping heads of many famous visitors. They went on to act as guest beds for Fairbanks’ son, actor and decorated World War II naval officer Douglas Fairbanks Jr, another renowned host of household Hollywood names. If these old beds could talk!


Secondly, John F. Kennedy’s personal wooden humidor with cigars. The mahogany box is engraved with ‘President Kennedy’, and each of the two cigars possess their original wrapper, imprinted with: ‘Specially made for President Kennedy’. These are the remainders of a gift of 26 cigars from the Philippine Ambassador Amelito R. Mutuc in 1963. What makes this item so interesting is a certain story of Kennedy’s devious dealings for the sake of a good cigar. In 1962, he ordered 1,000 Cuban cigars just hours before declaring these Cuban exports contraband, signing the decree only when he knew his own supply was secure. This amusing story of the charismatic president’s habit adds a wonderful angle to this item.

Lastly, the tools of a master: Harry Houdini’s escapology sack. Best known for his handcuff escapes, his break out from a giant milk can and its successor, the Chinese water torture cell, his suspended straightjacket escape, the overboard box escape, and the buried alive stunt, Houdini was at one time the highest paid performer on the American vaudeville circuit. It is believed that this sack was used as part of his stage act around 1915, possibly in the ‘metamorphosis’ trick, in which he escaped from handcuffs, inside a sack, within a trunk.


Visit to see all the lots on offer, and to keep an eye on your own favourites.

By Louise.


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