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A cavern of wonders comes to PFC Auctions

Direct from the Cavern Club, the famous Beatles gig venue, three extraordinary pieces of memorabilia are coming to PFC Auctions’ September sale.

Anyone rocking out in Liverpool back in the day can still recall the smoke-filled air, the drum beats rumbling through the floor, the excited atmosphere and the creaking of the wooden stage in the iconic Cavern Club. What better way to re-capture those sensations than with a piece of the very stage that hosted so many fantastic 1960s musicians, including The Beatles?

When Nigel Greenberg opened the cellar adjacent to the Cavern Club as Cavern Sound Limited recording studio in 1964, the club’s proprietor Ray McFall decided to dismantle the old stage and build a newer, bigger platform to accommodate the increasing multitudes of musicians and equipment.

The old wooden stage was cut up into pieces and sold off for charity, with cards affixed to each small board stating ‘From the Cavern – Liverpool, “The birthplace of The Beatles”.

PFC Auctions is offering one of these well-trodden keepsakes, many of which have likely been lost to time over the years.

A Reslo ribbon microphone from the Cavern Club’s PA system will also be up for grabs. With it comes a photograph of John Lennon using the very same microphone, providing testament to its provenance, and the additional allure of having Lennon’s mouth once wrapped around it.

Lastly, the Compulsory Purchase Order document for the eventual sale of the Cavern Club, heralding the end of an era, will also be offered.

Lucky nostalgics now have the opportunity to secure one or all three of these unique items, telling the tale of a remarkable venue, from its early days seeing the Beatles rise to fame within its walls, to its tragic dissolution in 1973.

The PFC Auctions sale will run from September 6th – September 27th this year. Keep an eye on and for updates.

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