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Apple – the collectible company of the future?

Yesterday, Apple Inc. stock was up 2.6% – a push which means that Steve Jobs’ beloved creation is now the most valuable company of all time.

Boosted by the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, the company managed all this while the Dow Jones industrial average fell 0.3% and S&P’s 500 lost 0.03 points.

Either way you look at it, Jobs and his illustrious company has changed the face of the world forever. People who change the world tend to be remembered. Those who are remembered often produce a range of lucrative collectibles.

Can you see where I’m going with this one?


Apple and Steve Jobs collectibles are already seeing strong results at auction, with an Apple 1 computer setting a world record at $374,500 in June – a 75% increase on the previous prices.

A 1974 memo that Steve Jobs wrote while working at Atari was sold for $27,500 in the same sale, achieving an 83.3% increase on its $15,000 estimate. This is definately one investment area to look out for.

Unfortunately, Paul Fraser Collectibles isn’t able to offer our readers any Steve Jobs items just yet, but he isn’t the only business giant to have produced some exciting collectible memorabilia.

We do however, have a fantastic signed Standard Oil share certificate from J D Rockefeller – a man whose successes in the oil industry make Apple look like Steve Jobs’ childhood lemonade stall and certainly shaped the way we live today.

We also have the autograph of American business magnate and king of investments Warren Buffett, on the cover of the Forbes 400 Richest People in America issue. Considered one of the best investors of the 20th century, Buffett has long been an advocate of investing in collectibles such as rare stamps.

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