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Elvis’ library card and the power of ‘before they were famous’ collectibles

Of all the collectibles I come across, few intrigue me more than items from a famous name’s early years, before they were famous.

Just such an example is coming up for auction later today. Image

Elvis’ library card, discovered in a Memphis high school yearbook. Signed by Elvis in 1948 at the age of 13, it reveals the King was grappling with the life and times of former US president Andrew Jackson in The Courageous Heart for Young Readers.

There is something about looking at an Elvis signature written when he was just another kid at school, when neither he nor the world had an inkling of what the future held.

It stirs emotions I didn’t know I had.

And I’m not the only one.

There is a huge market for such pieces.

We recently sold this Paul McCartney letter, in which he talks self-detractingly about the Beatles’ forthcoming first album, Please Please Me.

First edition books from a famous author’s early years are likewise in great demand, although here the market is also propelled by the strictly limited print runs of these early efforts.

You can get involved in this incredible sector today, with a remarkable 1949 year book from Fairmount High, bearing the photograph and signature of one James Dean: “Our regular basketball guy, and when you’re around him – time will fly”.



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