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To hoard is human, to collect, divine.

There is a universal truth that I have become aware of recently, during research and wanderings through the labyrinth of the internet. Namely: if it exists, there is someone out there somewhere in the world who collects it.

To celebrate collecting in all its forms, I have made my own collection here, of five wonderful websites dedicated to the joy of collecting. Click the pics to visit the sites!

Image1) Wikicollecting

THE community for collectors, Wikicollecting is a completely free online encyclopaedia of collectibles. It is open-source, allowing any collector in the world to create and add to its wealth of information pages, providing a valuable resource for novices and seasoned collectors alike. From the most expensive contemporary art, down to the obscurest weird and wonderful oddments, it covers all aspect of collectible items and is accumulating new information every day.

Image 2) Antique & Classic Cameras

I love old cameras and photographs. In fact they constitute one of my personal collections. This website is eminently useful, listing all manner of information about cameras, lenses, price, date of manufacture, quality, and linking to items currently selling on eBay for each example. There is also an archive of beautiful blogs: stories of past photographers and their beloved tools, press releases on recent auctions of cameras and photographs, features on immense sprawling camera collections, and picture upon picture to scroll through and dream.

Image3) Gary Rocks 

This fantastically informative blog about collecting vintage rock and roll memorabilia provides up to date information, invaluable advice, and numerous fascinating stories about this popular area of music memorabilia. With pictures aplenty and an engaging and approachable writing style, this blog just keeps on giving.

Image4) Collection a day

This woman spent an entire year, from January 1st 2010 until December 31st, 2010, posting up an image of a collection a day on her blog. From vintage bingo cards to desert twigs, golf tees to children’s books about the sea, Hungarian stamps to coloured dice, the images are beautiful, the collections artistically laid out against a white background.

Image5) CollectSPACE

Everything and anything you need to know about collecting space memorabilia, this is the leading online resource for space history aficionados and collectors. With a formidable array of experts, contributors and community members, including historians, museum curators, educators, authors, renowned collectors, astronauts and space program workers, this is the first port of call for any space collecting enthusiast.

By Louise


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  1. Thanks for this! I am going to check out the Wiki!

    • Good stuff! It’s a really useful site, I constantly refer back to it. Check out their top ten lists as well


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