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Rocking on with PFC Auctions’ next sale

The sun is finally shining, and new consignments are rock and rolling in for the next sale of our sister company PFC Auctions. I’m getting all shook up over one item in particular.

With the summer of 2012 marking the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones, how fitting that the September auction should offer a fantastic piece of musical history relating to the one, the only, Mick Jagger.

It is this: a handwritten set list from Mick Jagger’s legendary solo performance at the Melbourne Corner Hotel in 1988. The list, on Melbourne Hilton International Hotel notepaper, is replete with his trademark scrawl, crossings out and amendments that indicate his thought processes as he drafted the order of songs to play to a crowd of adoring fans.


In 1988 Jagger was touring Australia to promote his solo album Primitive Cool. The five stadium shows were a great hit, but he was keen to give another, less publicised performance somewhere more intimate. He chose the Corner Hotel, which could hold up to 700 people. Inpress magazine hinted at the ‘secret’ gig, and over 3,000 people turned up at the hotel to watch the star play. Every bottle shop in the area sold out of beer, and the show has gone down in history as a local legend in Melbourne.

A 14 minute film of the gig can be watched on Youtube here:, a resplendent Jagger gyrating over a sea of incredible 80s hair-dos.

So, if you can’t always get what you want, or if you can’t get no satisfaction, even if you will never have the moves like Jagger, at least you have a chance to own this superb piece of rock history. Visit for more information, and keep an eye out for new lots coming in over the next few weeks.

By Louise


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