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Marilyn Monroe collectors – mark August 5 in your calendar

August 5 is an important day for Marilyn Monroe collectors. On that day 50 years ago, the beloved actress sadly passed away.

Shrouded in controversy and preceded by an unfortunate series of events, Monroe’s tragic death has been widely discussed ever since. Despite this, she continues to hold her title as the world’s most glamorous woman and one of the most collectible celebrities that ever lived.

The 50th anniversary should send alarm bells ringing for savvy collectors – their beloved items are likely to see an increase in value which will last throughout the coming months.

As previously mentioned, major anniversaries can offer huge potential for investors. As interest in a particular person or event is renewed and their names begin to appear in newspapers once more, the value of collectibles can rise considerably.

This is perfectly demonstrated by the increasingly frequent appearances of Marilyn Monroe items in major auctions. In the lead up to the anniversary, those with important collectibles are consigning them to auction in order to cash in on the heightened values – such as in Heritage Auctions’ Entertainment & Music Memorabilia sale today (July 24), which features the last cheque signed by Monroe as the star lot.

However, there are some prices that won’t be shooting up any time soon…

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a brilliant selection of Marilyn Monroe items currently in stock that won’t be affected by the anniversary. This cheque was signed by the actress as president of Marilyn Monroe productions after that crucial move to New York. We even have an authentic strand of her hair, which originates from the haircut she received just hours before the legendary Happy Birthday performance for John F Kennedy.


Our sister company, PFC Auctions, is currently inviting consignments for its September sale. If you have any Marilyn Monroe memorabilia in your collection and would like to capitalise on the heightened value, all consignments must be received by the end of July.

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