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History brought to life at Paul Fraser Collectibles

Let’s be honest, rare manuscripts are usually valued for their historical importance or insight into a certain event rather than the way they look. It’s often too easy to overlook a historical document when scouring the auction catalogues attempting to find the next big story for the Paul Fraser Collectibles website.

So it’s no surprise that as I passed through the office the other day, I completely overlooked the amazing item that had just been delivered to our doorstep.

It wasn’t until I passed by again that I noticed it was a spectacular 15th century document signed by the most iconic British monarch, Elizabeth I.

Aside from the magnificent calligraphic hand in which the document is written and Elizabeth’s stately signature which adorns the top left-hand corner, the lower portion of the document is stamped with the majestic Royal Great Seal, also known as The Great Seal of the Realm.


The Great Seal

A huge wax impression of the queen riding on horseback is shown on one side, while the reverse depicts Elizabeth seated on her throne.  The seal would have been used to show Elizabeth’s approval on important state documents, yet what is truly remarkable is the incredible detail the seal maintains after all these years.

Needless to say, I was blown away by the latest addition to our rare manuscripts collection. A word of advice to our customers and anyone considering investing in rare manuscripts – there is far more than meets the eye.

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