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Winston Churchill takes the reins…

I’m always excited when I get to write about items from the second world war. There has never been, and hopefully never will be, a period in time as important and devastating to humanity.

Did you know that on this day (May 10) in 1940, Neville Chamberlain resigned as British prime minister, following the invasion of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg by the German forces?

Adolf Hitler’s troops had crossed the borders in the dead of night, launching a devastating attack on the three countries.

Chamberlain, under fire for the disastrous British campaign in Norway, soon handed control of Britain to our most iconic leader, Winston Churchill.  Churchill would later lead his coalition government into war, and eventually victory, against Hitler’s army.


“Hitler has chosen a moment when, perhaps, it seemed to him that this country was entangled in the throes of a political crisis and he might find it divided against itself,” said Chamberlain upon his resignation.

The events of that day proved to be a pivotal point in the run-up to the second world war, with many believing that the Allied Forces would never have prevailed without the stiff-upper lip of Winston Churchill, with me amongst them.

PFC Auctions is celebrating the British Bulldog’s success with its current auction, which includes a Winston Churchill autographed typescript and a superb collection of his personal correspondence.

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