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Sports Memorabilia Collecting is a Sport In and Of Itself

Most of us have different hobbies that we enjoy partaking in, even if it is just occasionally to get our minds off of everyday things we all deal with.

For me, whether it is recouping after a long day of work during the week or a mountain of errands on the weekend, coming home to my sports memorabilia collection almost instantly puts a smile on my face.

Some 40 Years Later, the Collecting Continues

I’m not sure how or who got me started on this craze some 40 years ago, but needless to say, that collection means the world to me.

After living in several different situations in recent years, I now have a house rental not far from the beach to call my own these days. And with that rental, come lots and lots of sports memorabilia adorning the walls and bookcases.

There is so much stuff, in fact, that I do not have enough room to display it all. I have tinkered with the idea of turning the small house into a “man cave” if you will, but then I don’t want visitors that stop by to think I lost all of my faculties now.

When I began collecting several decades back, it was mostly trading cards and such.

Today, that collection includes not only some 5,000 or more pro sports trading cards, but also sports programs, pennants, media credentials from events I have covered in person over the last 20 or so years, buttons and pins, bobble head dolls, ticket stubs and more. Yes, I have a little bit of obsession with sporting events.


Part of my NHL puck collection/Dave Thomas

Among my favorite items:

  • Several Wilt Chamberlain basketball cards (I was lucky enough to meet the NBA legend and get a picture with him a year before he died);
  • My ever-increasing bobble head collection, which now numbers 40 or so MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL figures;
  • My MLB baseball card collection (My largest card collection of the four major sports);
  • More than 100 souvenir cups and ticket stubs from sporting events I have attended in person over more than 35 years;
  • Anything collected from the 1970s. Given that is the first decade I truly remember of my childhood, the sports memories of going to my first games, time spent with family at those events, seeing my sports heroes in person etc. are special.

Even though some of my stuff has either been misplaced or a tad damaged over the years, the bulk of it is in good shape.

As she is apt to remind me, my mother is the main reason my sports card collection remains intact for the most part all these years later. Unlike many moms that either accidentally or purposefully tossed their child’s card collections over the years, mine made sure it stayed around until I was ready to take care of it.

Being I have no children of my own, and given I’m the youngest of four children, I’m not sure what will happen to my collection one day when I’m gone.

Although I try not to think about such things, the bottom line is we all leave this world at some point, so I want to make sure that my collection ends up in the right hands.

Most importantly, they need to be a good sport about taking care of a collection that has meant so much to me for some four decades.

By Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas, who covers among other topics workers compensation and credit card processing, writes extensively for He has also been a freelance sports writer for more than 20 years.


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