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When I dream, I dream of Rococo furniture…

After my first three weeks here at Paul Fraser Collectibles I am experiencing some unusual symptoms, by all accounts quite normal for those working in the world of antiques and collectibles. I wake from dreams of historic coins and Rococo furniture parading down a catwalk in front of me, shouting out their pre-auction estimates as I scribble them down. I have started obsessively checking every charity shop book, vinyl record and dress for first editions, signatures and vintage Parisian designer labels. I yearn after unusual historic photographs, like this collection of Wright Brothers Aviation photos.

I have also on several occasions got into heated debates with friends, insisting that investing in antiques and collectibles is just as profitable as, if not more profitable than, dicing with the stock market. Who would rather nonchalantly fling savings into shares in an obscure experimental oil venture that may at any point crash and burn taking your money with it, than build up a collection of beautiful leather-bound 18th century books, or vintage jewellery, or antique photographs, or classic motorcars? Who would rather watch an abstract figure rise and fall on a screen as distant and uncontrollable events unfold than acquire remarkable pieces of history to keep in their own possession that will doubtless increase in value over time?

Personally, I would be thrilled to own something like this Thomas Edison Stock Ticker Tape Machine invention. That is my kind of collectible. By the way, my birthday is coming up, if anyone is looking for ideas.

By Louise


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  1. barbarabenson

    Moorcroft Pottery – any features on this coming up? Just asking.


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