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Space Rocks!

Last week (my first with Paul Fraser Collectibles) I had the chance to report on the auction of a Tissint Martian Meteorite.

Not only am I new to the job, I’m also very new to the world of Meteorite sales surprisingly enough, meaning I had my work cut out when researching.

Since writing the article, I have come across a wealth of articles surrounding the fall of this historic item. It turns out I had missed the extensive national coverage of the fall and its importance to science.

The Natural History Museum appears to be very excited by its receipt of the small chunk of space-rock. Unsurprising really, considering that of the 53,000+ meteorites that have been found on Earth, only 99 of those come from the Red Planet.


“Arguably this is the most important meteorite to have fallen in 100 years and we now have the largest piece in our collections” said Dr Caroline Smith, meteorite curator at the museum.

But it is not just the fact that The Natural History got their piece of this fall first that excites them. Disappointingly, humans have yet to get anywhere near Mars and it’s not looking likely that we ever will.

The Tissint Fall can give us an insight into the atmosphere and environment on the elusive planet that probes cannot; equipment on Earth is much more sophisticated than that used by spacecraft landing on Mars.

Besides, it’s a lot quicker (and easier) to let the rocks come to us.

Like most humans I will never get to travel into space, unless, that is, I find someone who will buy me ticket on the Virgin Galactic holidays!

For those, like me, who are fascinated by space and our position in it, Paul Fraser Collectibles has this Buzz Aldrin signed Apollo 11 training suit along with a great selection of space memorabilia.

By Joe

Image: I. M Chait


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    hi contact me on 07505240447 or i have found a large peace of metrolight and am looking to sell


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