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Andy Capp: as English as fish ‘n’ chips… And perfect for the global collectibles markets

Charles Schulz, Matt Groening, Hergé… We often focus on US cartoon artists here at Paul Fraser Collectibles.

But perhaps we should devote more attention to British cartoon art? It doesn’t get much more British than Andy Capp…

Andy Capp was invented by Reg Smythe. He was a working class figure who never actually works, from industrial northeast England.

The comic’s title was a pun on “handicap” in reference to Capp’s laziness. The character’s other hobbies included pigeon racing, snooker and football – with the latter often resulting in fights on the pitch.

Yet, despite its ‘fish ‘n’ chips Englishness’, Smythe’s Andy Capp proved to be a massive hit worldwide. The comic was syndicated in 50 countries.

One for all you Anglophiles out there: Andy Capp comics like this rare example for sale have worldwide appeal

A chain of miniature golf courses was even opened in Florida, reflecting Capp’s interest in the sport. (Although the unlikely chain later went bust.)

The worldwide success of Andy Capp is a great lesson for collectors: that collectibles of even the most ‘local milieu’ can have worldwide appeal.

Just as British and European collectors can’t get enough of Americana staples like Schulz’s Peanuts and Groening’s The Simpsons, American collectors might be interested in this…

We have this rare four panel Andy Capp comic strip for sale. It’s in “excellent condition” and you can find out more about it by following this link.

Are there any collectibles you can think of which have unlikely global appeal? Leave your suggestions below!




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  1. i have a andy capp figure with the original talc in it


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