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Worth her weight in diamonds? Queen Elizabeth II at her Jubilee

There is already a buzz in the UK about Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, as she approaches 60 years on the throne.

Elizabeth became Queen on February 6 1952, following the death of her father George VI and her coronation took place in June 1953.

The coronation played a big part in popularising television in Britain with the number of TV licenses doubling to 3m in the weeks beforehand. Supposedly her robes were so heavy that she asked the then Archbishop of Canterbury for a push to help her get moving.

Photograph of Elizabeth taken for her coronation

Elizabeth will be only the second British monarch after Victoria to reach a diamond jubilee, and is already the longest living. It’s likely that celebrations will be enthusiastic compared to the Golden Jubilee as support for the Royal family is now much stronger following the Royal Wedding than it was in the years following Princess Diana’s death.

Very little is known for sure about her political opinions as she has been at pains to avoid being tangled up in party politics, despite an enormous series of public speeches and events.

On the other hand, when Canada pressed for removal of the UK parliament from its affairs it chose to keep the monarchy, perhaps in part because of its Prime Minister’s experience that the Queen was “better informed on … Canada’s constitutional case than any of the British politicians or bureaucrats”

Christmas card signed by Queen Elizabeth II

Her interests include dogs, horses and detective novels by Agatha Christie and P D James. She was also a big fan of TV series Kojak.

We’ve sold a number of items related to Queen Elizabeth II including a double-signed portrait photograph of her looking cheery with Prince Philip, and a more serious signed photograph of her taken for her coronation.

But don’t worry – Royalist collectors will be pleased to know that this signed Christmas card is now available.



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