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Why 2012 is the ‘year of the septuagenarian’ in collectibles…

Old people are healthier and living longer, so they say.

So it’s quite fitting that 2012 could be the year that celebrity septuagenarians rise to prominence in the collectibles markets – and you stand to benefit.

How so? Well, collectors love anniversaries. When a big anniversary occurs, it tends to lead to more action at the world’s top auction houses.

We saw this in 2010 with John Lennon’s 70th birthday (also the 30th anniversary of his assassination by Mark Chapman).

While John Lennon’s estate set about reissuing the late Beatle’s solo albums and releasing new books about the singer, and magazines ran cover stories about his ongoing legacy, collectors also got involved.

In December 2010, a jacket Lennon wore in a 1966 Life magazine photo shoot was sold for $240,000 And an original copy of his handwritten lyrics to “A Day in The Life” sold for $1.2 million at a Sotheby’s New York auction in June of that year.

2010 was ‘Lennon’s year’. But which celebrity septuagenarians can we expect see more of in 2012? Here are a few suggestions…

Muhammad Ali

Recent big Muhammad Ali sales included the auctioning of his ‘Fight of the Century’ trunks for a $173,102 World Record price. Ali is a bona fide blue chip in the collectibles markets. His rare collectibles rose in value by 8.25%, on average, in 2011 – more than the stock markets.


Own two legacies for the price of one – here’s a rare photograph of Muhammad Ali with The Beatles, signed by Ali – we have it for sale priced at just £1,950

Sir Paul McCartney

While many music legends fall from prominence and grace in their later years, Sir Paul has continued touring and releasing records – and his legendary status is still fully intact.

Unlike his fellow Beatle Lennon, Macca is still alive and kicking and able to sign autographs. Yet McCartney’s signed photographs still rose in value by 16.67% in 2011 – that’s an average increase of £1,500 to 1,750.

With McCartney, we suggest that you go for ‘classic era’ collectibles. Great examples for sale include this classic era signed McCartney photo taken by his late wife, Linda.


 A ‘classic era’ McCartney photograph, signed by the man himself and photographed by Linda

Jimi Hendrix

The guitar legend would have turned 70 this year.

He may have died from a drug overdose in 1970, but axe hero Hendrix’s legacy remains stronger than ever, including new releases of his music and a bronze memorial statue in his native city of Seattle.

Hendrix is no longer alive to sign new autographs. Therefore, as with Lennon, Hendrix’s collectibles are in finite supply while growing demand continues to push their values up.

We have some great Hendrix collectibles for sale here at Paul Fraser Collectibles, including this rare autograph priced at just £1,950.

Caption: Hendrix isn’t around to sign any more autographs – meaning values of signatures like this will grow in future years thanks to ‘supply and demand’

Also for sale is this other piece signed by Hendrix and his ‘Experience’ band, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, priced at £4,500.


Signed by one of the greatest rock power trios – Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding

These are just are couple of the opportunities presently available to you on the collectors’ markets. Expect to see further increases in the values of these pieces over the next 12 months.

In the meantime, our news website will continue to bring you updates from the ‘septuagenarian collectibles’ markets in 2012.




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