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Collectibles Quiz (Christmas 2011)

One of the best things about writing about collectibles is finding out the great stories and trivia associated with them. So here’s a quiz for Christmas which regular readers will have an advantage with.

I’ve made it quite tough, so congratulations for every one you get – and Happy Christmas!


1. What connects the painter of the Mona Lisa with Gotham city’s most famous resident?

2. Who might have been a twitcher but not stirred?

3. For what reason did the CIA have strong views regarding the correct orientation of candles?

4. Why was a collector particularly keen to hide Saddam’s bottom?

5. Which founding father had the most developed views on flatulence?

6. By what name was Edward Bear better known? (hint: his main interests involved sticky things such as honey and sticks)

7. What creepy-crawly might you feed with gold leaf?

8. What links Marilyn Monroe’s chest, John F Kennedy’s pelvis and Einstein’s skull?

9. Why were British war hero Douglas Bader’s skills conducting an orchestra so important to some of his fellow soldiers?

10. Christians are supposed to spread the word of God on Earth, but how did some aim to send it even further?


Click here for the answers


By Greg


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