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Simply having a wonderful Christmastime

It wasn’t his finest hour.

But on the whole I’ll let him off. He did write a few good ones in mitigation.

Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime made it to #6 in the UK charts in 1979.

I was surprised that it failed to make the top spot, considering its ubiquity in the retail outlets I’ve visited this year (perhaps I just shop in the wrong places).

John Lennon’s altogether weightier effort, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), reached #4 in 1972, before making it to #2 following the artist’s death in 1980.

And if you’re still in a muddle about which Christmas presents to get this year, perhaps the former Beatles have the solution.

Their autographs are in great demand among nostalgic collectors.

We have a superb John Lennon signed photo currently available for £6,950, while a McCartney autograph on a photo taken by his wife Linda can be yours today for £1,000.

The difference in price is a reflection of the fact that McCartney is still around to sign. Expect the value of his autograph to soar when he takes his final bow.

The value of John Lennon’s autograph has risen at the rate of 22.10% pa since 2000.

Paul McCartney’s autograph has witnessed a similar percentage increase since 2000, up 21.57% since 2000.

You, or a loved one, can take advantage of the anticipated continuation of these rises over the coming years by buying today.

But the big question is, if Wonderful Christmastime wasn’t #1 in 1979, what was?

Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2).

By Dan


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