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‘Phoney art’? For collectors, it has nothing on the real thing…

Mobile phone art.

No, not the lurid designs that adorn the outer casings of mobile phones.

Art designed specifically to be viewed on mobile phones, and other “portable devices”.

That is the new concept is trying to tout to art fans.

The website offers a number of limited edition downloads by leading British artists such as Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and Mat Collishaw.

Some have been produced specifically for the project. Others are reprints of known works.

They ranging in price from £5 to the £500 required to secure one of Hirst’s 2,000 edition run of a diamond studded baby’s skull.

The format provides room for some interesting ideas that are unavailable to artists in traditional art forms.

Emin’s This is My Favourite Little Bird is slowly drawn before your eyes, while Shepard Fairey’s Peace Guard fires a rose into the air, scattering petals.

An action shot of Shepard Fairey’s Peace Guard

Does this spell the end for the traditional artwork? Is everyone going to enjoy their art in only digital form from now on?

If anything, perhaps a move towards digital art will make the rare blue chip “real thing” even more valuable and coveted in the future.

Rare artworks have long proven themselves as assets. Indeed, the Artprice Global Index indicates that prices for collectible artworks are returning to early 2008 levels.

This is despite the global economic crash.

Mobile phone art may be a fun and inexpensive sideline, but there’s nothing like the pleasure of owning and viewing a tangible work.

And collectors on a budget can acquire outstanding quality, “real artworks” for entry-level prices.

Pieces such as this 1957 colour print by Mark Chagall, signed by the artist, and priced at £895. A superb piece, and a real collector’s item.

The website’s creators hope that the concept will operate like the art market; owners will have the option to sell-on the works in time, although whether digital art will be able to operate as a strong tradable asset like the physical art world remains to be seen.


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