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Thomas Edison’s first successful invention

It’s not often we use the blog to so brazenly promote our own stock inventory… but this item is such an important historical piece that we’re making an exception! (Ed: and we reserve the right to do so in future, too!).

You’ll have to picture the scene….

It’s 1868.

Thomas Edison’s first patented invention, the Electrical Vote Recorder, has been criticised by Politicians. Although technically advanced, there is little demand and the Vote Recorder is a financial failure.

In 1869 Thomas Edison arrives in New York.

He’s penniless and in debt.

He manages to find work in the operating room of the Gold & Stock Telegraph Company. One day, the company’s ticker equipment breaks down and nobody is able to fix it except Edison.

Edison then developed his own stock ticker tape machine which became an enormous success, his first successful invention in fact, and he was promoted to superintendent with an impressive monthly wage of $300.

The success of the stock ticker machine paved the way for Edison’s brilliant career, financially. Without it who knows what great inventions the world would have missed out on?

Needless to say original Edison stock ticker tape machines are exceptionally rare.  They are vital pieces of US History.

We have this single example for sale

By Adrian


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