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Cash in on 45 years of hurt

Oh no.

We’re getting excited about the England football team again.

After a dogged defensive display against the world champions Spain on the weekend, that saw us somehow sneak a 1-0 win, England fans have been given that most dangerous of commodities for a football supporter: hope.

And with hope will come the inevitable disappointment when next summer England again fail to win their first major championship since the 1966 World Cup.

Since that glorious afternoon at Wembley we’ve been waiting.

What we’ve been waiting for depends on your viewpoint. It could be:

  • “That bit of luck ever team needs”
  • A competent referee
  • An alternative to penalty shoot outs
  • Our players to be good again

The lack of success in recent decades helps explain our fixation with the heroes of 1966. And why memorabilia associated with that team is in such demand.

Nobby Stiles’s winner’s medal made £188,200 at auction, while Geoff Hurst’s shirt from the final achieved £91,750.

We currently have two 1966 items in stock for significantly less eye-watering amounts.

A boxing dinner evening menu from the Anglo-American Sporting Club, signed by the entire 1966 England squad just a month before their 4-2 victory over Germany can be yours for £4,950.


And then there’s this amazing piece: a 1966 World Cup Final Banquet menu from the evening of the World Cup final.

It is signed by all 22 England players as well as manager Alf Ramsey. And there’s even room for several German players, Portuguese star Eusebio and the linesman who gave Geoff Hurst’s controversial goal. That’s quite a line up. Yours for £4,950.

By Dan


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