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Our week with Marilyn

Next week will see the release of a new film based upon Colin Clarke’s experiences of Marilyn Monroe during the making of The Prince and the Showgirl, the film that united Monroe with Laurence Olivier.

Clarke was working as an assistant on the film set at the time and the new film tells the story of how he spent a week with Marilyn, introducing her to some of the pleasures of British life and helping her to escape from her work and Hollywood routine.

My Week with Marilyn trailer

The film is sure to attract a lot of attention, anything Marilyn-related usually does!

You might remember that just this year Marilyn’s famous white, halterneck dress from The Seven Year Itch fetched $5.6 million at auction.

The starlet is sure to be remembered for decades to come and her iconic status ensures that Marilyn Monroe memorabilia will be treasured by collectors for a very, very long time.

Now we might not have had the chance to spend our own week with Marilyn but we’re very proud to be able to offer some fine items of memorabilia from the star including excellent examples of her autograph on bank cheques, a promotional slip for Love Happy and a legal document, amongst other items.

If you go to see the film, don’t forget to tell us what you think!

By Kylie


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