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The game is afoot!

What would Sir Arthur say?

81 years after their author’s death, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are heading out on the hunt again, but this time the tale is the work of contemporary author Anthony Horowitz.

Traditionalists will perhaps be placated by the fact that Horowitz, who is best known for the Alex Rider novels for teenagers, has remained true to the concept behind the original works.

The House of Silk, which was released earlier this week, features familiar faces such as Mrs Hudson and Inspector Lestrade, and is written from the comforting perspective of the good Dr, writing up one of his friend’s old cases, deemed too scandalous to report at the time.

The book was authorised by the Conan Doyle estate, the first time a new Holmes story has been so.

I can’t get enough of Sherlock and will certainly be putting this on my Christmas list.

And it appears that there are millions of others out there of the same ilk, considering the popularity of recent films and the BBC television series.

Collectors looking for a uniquely personal piece of Doyle memorabilia may be interested in this unusual item: a list of 14 celebrities written in the author’s hand on the back of an envelope.


Sir Arthur’s Top 14 favourite celebrities

Names include actor Leon M Lion, painter CRW Nevinson and actress Elsa Lanchester: potential dinner guests perhaps?

It comes with a range of other Doyle-related pieces, including a signed menu.


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