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The bands that time forgot

What of the forgotten heroes of the 1960’s music scene?

Those who once shared the bill with the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones but today are little loved or even acknowledged?

As a snapshot of the rhythm and blues scene in the summer of 1964, this concert pass to an “All Night Rave” at London’s Ally Pally is hard to beat.

The Stones top the bill, but second in line, above John Lee Hooker no less, are Millie & The Five Embers.

Acts such as these, who shone for a time before returning to the shadows, have always fascinated me.

Thanks to the internet age many obscure bands from the 60s have been opened up to a new audience, yet I can find nothing about Mille and her Embers.

Why did they get big? What did they sound like?

And why were they ahead of John Lee Hooker and a pre-Eric Clapton “John Mayalis Blues Breakers” [sic]?

They must have had some great tunes.

Compering that night was the perennially tedious Jimmy Saville, while also on the bill was “parodies band” the Barron Knights. How they went down with Stones fans is up for debate. Take a look at their act for yourself from this clip later in the year.

The Barron Knights do their Stones impression

At £950 this unique concert pass would make a superb addition to any music memorabilia collection.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own it today.

By Dan


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