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You can own a small piece of your favourite celebrity!

But what small piece do I mean exactly…?

Well, I’m talking about hair. And its not as weird as you may be thinking….

Hair collecting was hugely popular in the Victorian era, in fact, it wasn’t uncommon for popular figures to hand over locks of  their hair instead of autographs.

Harry Rubenstein, a curator at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History said ““more so than an autograph, it was a sign of affection”.”

More and more collectors are beginning to appreciate that a strand of hair is one of the most personal items that can be added to a collection of historical memorabilia.

In fact historians have used hair from collectors to determine that Thomas Jefferson fathered a child with one of his slaves, and that Beethoven suffered from lead poisoning.

In recent years locks from Babe Ruth have sold for $38,000 at auction, John Lennon for $48,000, Elvis Presley for $115,000 and Che Guevara for $119,500. A single Elvis hair sold for $1,750 at a British auction in 2009.

Have a look at for a collection of historical hair, with prices starting from just £49.99.


By Kylie.




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  1. Hi there my name is moe & I recently.received a few CD’s. One. In particular hip hop rnb album with a autograph on the cover aond a bit. Of hair I’m not a collector and was given these cd’s by a friend’s girl friend I don’t knw much about autographs or celebrities hair and was wondering if I can sell these signed CD’s lol pls reply

    • Hi Moe,

      It would depend who the hair and autograph belonged to! You may need to get them authenticated if you are not 100% sure. Unfortunately, this is not a service Paul Fraser Collectibles offer but it may be a good first step towards selling the CDs.

      Kindest Regards,



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