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When Bob sings, the world listens. And that also goes for his paintings….

An upcoming exhibition of Bob Dylan’s artworks at the Gagosian Gallery (opening September 20) will likely inspire the same fervour among his loyal fanbase as his lyrics and… indeed… his every utterance.

These works are especially significant in the great man’s career, charting his recent trips to Japan and – controversially – China, Vietnam and South Korea.

Entitled The Asia Series, the works apparently depict individuals encountered by Dylan during his trip. The Gagosian is located in Madison Avenue, NYC.


It sure beats holiday snaps… Dylan’s sketches were inspired by his Asia tour

While the quality of the works themselves have inspired mixed reactions among critics, this will surely mean little to Dylan diehards. For Bob’s fans, the paintings are another rare window into the singer’s mind.

This isn’t the first time his works have been displayed in public. Another series of works were shown at the Halcyon Gallery in London’s posh Mayfair district back in 2010.

Back then, the artworks were listed with estimates of £95,000 to as high as £450,000 – testament to the strength of Bob’s appeal whether he’s producing art or songs.

And also testament to Dylan’s status as one of the collectibles markets’ best performers. According to the PFC40 Autograph Index, the average value of one of his signed photos went up 117.9% – that’s about £895 to £1,950 – over 11 years.


Bob autographs are growing in value… And so is his legacy

In other words, there’s plenty of value in Bob Dylan collectibles. Meaning, if you’re a Dylan fan there are even more opportunities for you to enjoy his memorabilia  without worrying about throwing your money away.

Keep an eye on our main news website,, for more news on Dylan’s Gagosian Gallery expo.


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