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Opening 2018: the first McDonald’s in space*

Honestly, what’s wrong with a Premier Inn?

Traditional hotels are apparently not exciting enough for Orbital Technologies. The Russian firm has caused a buzz this week with its mooted “space hotel.”

As the name suggests, the firm claim to be well on the way to opening the first hotel in space – and it will apparently be ready as early as 2016.

Described by one newspaper as a “four-room Hotel in the Heavens,” customers will have the joy of being stuck in (what looks to be) a small zero-gravity capsule with six of their nearest and dearest for five nights, while orbiting roughly 200 miles above Earth.

But at least there won’t be any drunken arguments onboard. Alcohol is, of course, strictly banned during the stay. And all food will be prepared on Earth beforehand and microwaved during the trip.


No swimming pool or tennis court, but the “space hotel” has an excellent view

According to early reports, you’ll have to pay £500,000 to travel aboard a Soyuz rocket to get to the hotel. The five-night stay costs another £100,000.

I probably won’t be going, then. But if you’re among the elite of billionaires considering this trip, then by all means leave a comment below to let us know how you get on…

The whole idea sounds fantastical. Simply the thought of being able to see the Earth rotate beneath you as you whizz round the planet once every 90 minutes…

In fact, it’s perhaps a little too fantastical… Can Orbital Technologies run enough flights safely for its project to break even while avoiding minor – yet, in space, potentially fatal – incidents?

Another issue is one that non-space fans often overlook: astronauts are exceptional individuals whose worthiness for space travel is rigorously tested. Can the average wealthy layman match the bravery and tenacity of Neil Armstrong or Jim Lovell?

I guess we’ll find out… But we can be sure of one thing: Orbital Technologies’ early 2016 launch date, and Richard Branson‘s pending Virgin Galactic flights, show that big business is confident that the world’s richest are looking to the stars.

While billionaires put themselves on the waiting list for the space hotel, there are plenty of other ‘less wealthy rich’ who’d happily settle for owning a space collectible instead – and these wealthy individuals help drive the collectibles markets.


Plenty of collecting buzz surrounds Buzz Aldrin – like this training suit for sale

Like Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 training suit  for instance, currently for sale on the markets priced at £75,000. If that sounds expensive, bear in mind that Alan Shepard’s Gemini space suit, which was also not flown, sold at auction for $187,000 in 2010.

Or, if you’re not close to being a billionaire or millionaire, how about owning Aldrin’s autograph for a less-than four figure sum? Or a limited edition copy of his book Magnificent Desolation?

One thing’s for sure: as mankind endeavours to build hotels, casinos and McDonalds in space, the future is very bright for space collectibles.

*I made this up.

By Alex


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  1. How do you go about listing items you may have for sale under “autographs”. I have two signatures that I personally was given by the Russian Cosmonauts in 1975 on their visit to Nashville, Tn. What must I do to authinicate my signatures? How can I establish a value? The signatures are of Alexei Leonov and Valeri Kubasov. They are original signatures, not copy. There is a definite story behind the signatures. Plese contact me.

  2. Hi there,

    You would need to find a company thats values autographs. A Google search should help with this.




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