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My Top 5 Superhero Collectibles…

With the release of the Captain America film last week, I thought now might be a nice time to share my top 5 favourite superhero collectibles with you.

Here goes!

1)      Batmobile

The Batmobile made its debut in Detective Comics #27 but it wasn’t until issue #48 that the car received its name. In those days the Batmobile was a simple red convertible.


The original Batmobile

Since then it has adapted and evolved to become the souped-up super car we have come to know and love.


Batmobile from the Dark Knight (2008)

They do occaisionaly pop up at auction. The Batmobile from Batman Forever (1995) sold for $297,000 in 2007, the same year that the Batmobile from the 1960s television series sold for $223,000.

2)      Action Comics #1

The most expensive comic book ever sold, a copy of Action Comics #1 fetched $1.5 million in 2010.


Action Comics #1

Widely regarded as being the first major superhero comic, Action Comics #1 featured the debut of Superman, now one of the most popular superheroes around.

In this first issue, Superman’s powers are not the same as we know them now. He is able to leap across the tops of tall buildings and is invulnerable only to anything “less than a bursting shell”.

3)      Captain Action as Spider-Man

This was the first Spider-Man action figure. Well, actually, it was an accessory pack for Captain America action figures, allowing him to be dressed as Spidey. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the most valuable action figures in the world.


Captain Action dressed as Spider-Man

The set, which included a Spider-Man jumpsuit, face mask, spider light, utility belt, spider grappling hook with rope and handle, spider saw, spray tank with hose, spider and boots, is now valued at around $20,000.

4)      Bumblebee robot

Ok, so Transformers wasn’t originally a comic book but Marvel did run an 80 issue Transformers comic book series from ’84 to ’91 and IDW still are still publishing their Transformers series.



My favourite item of Transformers memorabilia is an 18 foot tall Bumblebee robot from the 2007 movie. It sold for $88,500 in 2009.

5)      Original art from X-Men #116

There are only 16 John Byrne and Terry Austin X-Men covers in existence. This one sold for $65,725 in 2011. This was only the third cover from the historic comic book duo.

X-Men #116 original artwork

What’s your favourite item of superhero memorabilia?


By Kylie


Captain Action image from: About

X-Men #116 image from: Heritage Auction Galleries


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