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To Hell with protocol!

As anyone who’s read the papers in the last 100 years or so knows, we love the Royal family when they do things they’re not supposed to.

Their lives are, to a large extent, ruled by tradition and protocol. So when one of them breaks these rules and does something unusual, interesting or controversial it’s usually front-page news. We’re looking at you here, Harry.

One of the lesser known protocols is that members of the Royal family aren’t supposed to sign autographs for people. It may seem odd, given that they spend their lives at public appearances around the globe, but apparently it’s just not the done thing.

This is why royal autographs are so sought after – there just aren’t very many of them.

Thankfully for us, sometimes the Royals like to break the rules. And it seems that Princes William and Harry have both inherited a little of their mother’s rebellious spirit, although in the odd case maybe a little too much.

We’re still looking at you here, Harry.

Bearing this in mind, a couple of weeks ago we managed to buy ourselves a rather unique item – Prince William’s autograph. Strictly speaking these shouldn’t exist, but we managed to acquire one just the same.

It was dated from 2005, when William visited Bristol, UK to take part in a Red Cross charity event sponsored by Tesco. One of the Tesco employees asked for his autograph, and although he acknowledged he wasn’t supposed to sign them, he wrote a quick note and signed it “Wills”.


Now this was the first Prince William autograph we’ve ever handled here at PFC – it really is that rare!

It was gone from our stock in less than 24 hours, bought for £2,500.

A lucky collector got themselves a true royal rarity – just by having a quick Google search. The in-demand nature of some autographs really does speak for itself.

The great man Ferris Bueller once said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

He should have tried working at Paul Fraser Collectibles

By Simon


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