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Henry VIII: our collectibles link to the man who changed the world

Every Sunday throughout England, church bells ring out a reminder of Henry VIII’s continuing influence.


King Henry VIII

His founding of the Church of England has had a profound impact on English history, religion and its landscape.

Go to modern day Massachusetts. See where the Puritans, in an effort to escape the new church, established New England in the 1630s, paving the way for mass migration to the new continent and the emergence of America.

And then consider whether, when we offer a rare Henry VIII document that set in motion these great events, you can believe it could be yours for just £275,000?

The item in question is Henry VIII signed letter dated January 18 1529, which contains the king’s clear, bold signature.


Henry VIII’s signature

In the hope of annulling his marriage to Catherine of Aragon so he might marry Anne Boleyn, Henry wrote a letter of recommendation for his envoy, Anne’s father Thomas Boleyn, to the Bishop of Ravenna.

Henry hoped that Thomas would represent him in discussions with Holy Roman Emperor Charles V regarding an annulment.

But Charles was unmoved by the petition. Henry broke from Rome and established the Church of England.

What better day than the anniversary of Henry’s marriage to his sixth wife, Catherine Parr (July 12 1543), to purchase a unique piece of royal memorabilia?

We have several other important Henry VIII documents on offer.

These include a large petition to the king, signed upon receipt by Henry, that could be yours for £90,000, and a signed letter from Henry VIII to John Heron, the treasurer of the Chamber, on offer for £65,000.

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