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Michael Jackson: will we ever see his like again…?

Few people have the natural ability and charisma that it takes to define an entire generation. Elvis Presley or John Lennon are justly considered to be two people who achieved this amazing feat.

And Michael Jackson is another who is rightly part of this short, elite list of all-time greats. Jackson grew into a star in the 1970s and was still loved by his fans in the 1990s (despite all the controversy).

But nothing can compare to Jackson’s peak in the 1980s. Only The Beatles and Elvis were bigger stars in their heyday, and I for one cannot think of anybody who has matched him since his peak. He was one-of-a-kind.


With this sole performance, Michael Jackson would influence generations… 

For this reason, it really doesn’t surprise me that the King of Pop’s famous red and black jacket sold for an amazing $1.8m over the weekend, in Beverly Hills. It is so iconic you probably don’t need me to explain it, but here goes anyway…

Worn in arguably the most famous music video of all-time, the outfit became synonymous with Michael Jackson. In the iconic short-movie accompanying his hit song, Thriller, Jackson helped to define a style of performance which would be copied for years to come.

It was a true moment of genius. That is why his red and black biker-style jacket is so important to collectors.

It’s more than just an item of clothing: it is an emblem, a symbol of a time that has now passed – hence the awe inspiring $1.8m price tag. Today, this the red and black jacket is a piece any collector would love to own.

When you look at famous artists like Picasso, who had a profound effect on their field, their works sell for countless millions. Michael Jackson had just the same effect on the music industry.


Despite the controversies, the King of Pop built a perennial legacy which is still felt on today’s collectors’ markets

You just have to look at indicators like the PFC40 Autograph Index, and even Forbes’ top-earning dead celebrities list, to see how much Jackson’s stock has risen since his death two years ago. But, let’s not forget the sheer joy that also comes with owning a piece like this.

Compared to today’s fad celebrities with questionable longevity, I personally doubt we will ever see Michael Jackson’s like again (perhaps Madonna?) This is why memorabilia related to Michael Jackson is something truly worth owning – and, even better,  you don’t need to be a millionaire.

Whether you have $100 or $1 million to spend, autographs, signed photos or even some of the King of Pop’s hair are just a few of the ways you can celebrate the life of this modern-day legend.

My advice is, get a piece of it while you can – before the values go up.

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