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Well, here it is… as promised.

If you read my blog post on June 3rd you’ll know what I’m talking about…

If not, you may want to scroll down the page and read the original story.

But here’s the result… courtesy of the Pierced Up tattoo parlour on Bristol’s Park Row.


And here’s the lady who had the tattoo. This is Sarah, who works for the award winning ICON FILM company in Bristol, UK. 


So what makes someone have Led Zeppelin autographs tattooed onto their arm? (And remember, Sarah already has The Beatles autographs tattooed on her other arm)

Sarah explained…

“Well, I got the Beatles and the Led tattoos because I grew up on both bands with my parents. My Dad loves both but Beatles were his thing and my Mum loves getting the Led out.

“I wanted my first tattoo’s to mean something. I figured, they’re tributes to two legendary bands and songwriters, but also a tribute to my parents for bringing me up well, as well as showing them how much I love them.

“We get on really well. Like best mates and we always bust out old school tunes and have a few bevvies when I go home.”

Of course, if you love the Beatles but don’t fancy the pain of the tattoo parlour, you may prefer buying this iconic piece – one of only 8 known.

By Adrian


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