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Michael Jackson: Weird or wonderful?

Any idea what this is?


This is actually Michael Jackson’s hair from the infamous Pepsi advert.

Executive producer for the Pepsi commercial, Ralph Cohen, was among the first to aid Michael when his hair caught on fire. As seen on the now famous video, Cohen threw his jacket over Michael’s head to help extinguish the flames. Cohen later retrieved this hair from the lining of his jacket.

The hair is well documented and has been sold at various auctions over the last 17 years.

The website is now offering the hair for sale as one-sixteenth-inch snips so it’s affordable to collectors around the world.

Collecting hair is an old, old hobby. It dates back to Victorian times when ‘celebrities’ would give a lock of hair, rather than an autograph.

It’s also one of the fastest growing hobbies on earth as you’ll see from the sale figures below…

In recent years locks from Babe Ruth have sold for $38,000 at auction, John Lennon for $48,000, Elvis Presley for $115,000 and Che Guevara for $119,500.

A single Elvis hair sold for $1,750 at a British auction in 2009!

And lest not forget Justin Bieber’s locks being auctioned by the Ellen Degeneres TV show for $40,000 earlier in 2011.

But it does stir up reactions… as you can see from these two emails about the Michael Jackson hair.

The first said “If this is true its the most disgusting thing Ive (sic) ever heard”

The second, from a fan who purchased a piece of hair, took the completely opposite view, saying “Small but precious. Simply priceless for every MJ fan just like me. Thanks a lot”

It just goes to show how subjective collecting is.

If you agree with the second email you can purchase a piece of the hair at

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