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One of the weirder requests of the week…

I received an email out of the blue today. It started “Bit of a random email really…” (and it turned out to be just that)


Turns out a young lady has had The Beatles’ autographs tattooed on her arm. But she’s not stopping there…

“I’ve got the legit Beatles autographs on my left arm, and now for the Led.”

“The Led” is of course Led Zeppelin.

“Could you possibly mail me pictures of legitimate signatures so I can take them to my tattoo artist and have them sized up?”

After she confirmed she was over 18 (she’s 29) and eligible to legally have a tattoo we directed her to this rare selection of Led Zeppelin autographs. You can see them here:

These are as good as you get. All genuine, exceptionally rare, fully authenticated and (I’m sorry to say)… already sold!

Anyways, the lady concerned has promised to send us images of the finished result, so we’ll keep you posted.

By Adrian


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